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White Label Software Development from Halfslide Design

White Label Software Development from Halfslide Design

One of the core services provided by Halfslide Design is white label software development, a service that may be unfamiliar to those new to the web development industry. The possible lack of public awareness is true of white label services in any industry where they are available, such is the nature of them. The whole idea is exactly that; that the public are not aware the process has even happened behind the scenes.

It all sounds very secretive. So why don’t we lift the lid and see what it’s all about?

What is?

White labelling, in a nutshell, is the name given to the process where a product is manufactured and supplied to a retailer with no branding, which then allows this retailer to sell it as their own. If you have never heard or thought about white labelling before, it is probably far more common than you might realize. Perhaps the most common example given is breakfast cereals. Every supermarket sells them under their own brand, and usually cheaper than the market leader’s equivalent.

The likelihood is that most of the supermarkets are selling the same cereal, sourced from the same manufacturer, but each with their own branded packaging. It’s also possible the products are being supplied by the market leader themselves in a white label relationship.

The products appear to have been made by the retailer when in reality, and it should be obvious if you think about it, sourcing them from a white label manufacturer is far easier all round. The same is true of non-physical products and services, such as the white label web development service offered by Halfslide Design.

The benefits of

White labelling relationships are beneficial to both the manufacturer and the retailer. For the former, they can concentrate on what they do best: producing goods or services to the best of their ability without having to worry about marketing or selling them. This represents also the first benefit for the retailer, namely the peace of mind that the manufacturer is investing all their time and effort into making the product the best it can be.

The benefits run far deeper too for you, the retailer, as there is no investment on your part in technology, infrastructure, research and development, specialist skills and knowledge, any necessary licenses or registration, or staff. Using white label services save you time and often represent better value for money as the producer has no marketing overheads to cover.

Halfslide White Label Development

Although we used a common physical product in our example earlier, Halfslide Design offers a white label software development service to creative and digital media agencies. Working on a contract basis, as we know from the explanation above, the work belongs to you and will not show in our work history or portfolio. The outward appearance to your customers will be that you developed the software yourself.

Outsourcing your projects to Halfslide means you get all the benefits of a white label relationship while being certain your work is being undertaken by a capable and trustworthy team, allowing you to concentrate on the side of your business that you specialize in.

Halfslide Design has already completed a variety of white label contracts for various clients, with examples of such work including building the following large-scale web applications using a variety of application stacks:

  • an energy trading management platform using a MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js)
  • a web application for managing park locations, visitor payments, and scheduling for a large US state park system on Java (JSF/Hibernate)
  • an online video conferencing application for life-coaching using Open TOK platform, with the stack built using PHP/CodeIgniter, MySQL, and Backbone.js

We have also acted as a liaison with overseas developers to ensure projects are completed on time and with quality code. More specifically, we:

  • were contracted to review code through pull requests of overseas developers ensuring that the code provided was of high quality
  • worked as an intermediary to handle technical questions from the overseas developers in order to keep them on task
  • provided a general architectural design of the system and broke down the implementation into tasks the overseas team could work with

Other contracts have seen us undertake creative tasks for the marketing department of an Austin-based technology social network that included the creation of banner ads and HTML templates from layered PSD files, and providing troubleshooting and bug-fixing services for large JavaScript, PHP and Java platforms.

Whatever your project, from building something entirely new from the ground up to simply building a CSS, XHTML or JavaScript template for your team to take on, be sure to get in touch with us at to see how we can help.

Remember, with a white label relationship, we can work with you on a purely as-needed basis and the work is done entirely under your own brand.

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