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White Label Development on IBM Bluemix’s Watson Services

White Label Development on IBM Bluemix’s Watson Services

Halfslide Design recently completed another White Label development project for another development agency that utilized IBM Bluemix’s Watson services.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with white label services: white label services are when we at Halfslide Design do software development work for other creative or development agencies in order to supplement their workforce on projects.  It allows those agencies to staff projects without keeping full-time staff and all work is done under their brand.  In that case, we do not add the project to our Halfslide Design portfolio and do not publicly take any credit for the work.

In the case of this project, the client had an interesting requirement.  They wanted to capture video responses of survey participants to gather feedback on various products.  As an example, let’s say that Coca-Cola decided they wanted to create a new logo for one of their beverages.  They would work with this client to send out a survey to various demographics and then the client would capture that feedback in the form of 60-second video responses.  The client deliverable was an HTML5/javascript hibrid mobile application for Android and iOS smartphones.  Using the app, the user would capture a video response that would then be sent to the customer’s database.

Once the video was uploaded, we converted it to an audio file.  We then used IBM’s Watson Alchemy services to pull out the audio’s speech and convert it to text.  This text was saved to the client’s database, and then we used the Alchemy sentiment analysis to determine what the general sentiment (positive/negative/neutral) of the segment.

The client was now able to gather video responses from thousands of participants and quickly gather a general understanding of whether most responses were positive or negative.  Halfslide Design did the work of building both the mobile application and the backend services necessary to integrate with the Watson Alchemy API.  Are you interested in having mobile application or api integration work done for your project or clients?  Are you in need of a White Label developer to supplement your team of software developers or mobile application developers?  If so, contact us and we’ll be glad to discuss your situation.


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