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Updating and Upgrading CTE Skills’ Training Video Website

Updating and Upgrading CTE Skills’ Training Video Website

CTE Skills is a Texas-based operation that has been creating and marketing Career & Technical Education training videos for over a decade now, and in that time have seen both their business and video library expand in a way they could never have predicted when they first set out.

In much the same way that a bricks and mortar business may outgrow their premises, CTE Skills recognized the fact that they had outgrown their old website, and so recently approached our partner, SETX Digital, with the request to update and upgrade their platform.  Halfslide Design was brought in to do the implementation of the site while SETX Digital provided marketing and project management services.

As with any successful enterprise, their considerations for the new site were split into two categories: improving the customer experience, and minimizing the work needed on behind-the-scenes upkeep to free up more time for creating new business.

With this in mind, Halfslide Design set out to create for them something that would meet their needs.

New Landing Page

New Landing Page

Improved user experience

The first change any returning user will notice is the new look we implemented on the website, updating the aesthetics to something more contemporary, although the upgrade is more than just a pretty face. We also ensured the navigation around the site was simplified and improved, meaning the user can more quickly and easily find the videos they are looking for.

As the library is growing and will continue to grow, with new categories and topics in the pipeline, this improvement was one of the most important aspects of helping the new site offer an improved user experience, which in turn will help to convert into more sales.

Once the user is ready to make a purchase, they are now able to do so either using their credit card through the trusted Stripe platform, or by an online purchase order made through their profile account.

Creating this profile also allows the user to access their own portal, where they can manage their purchases, videos, and access their Account Area, where they will be able to manage company or school accounts, and invite other users to join their group too.

The website runs on WordPress, although both the ordering process and user portal were custom built for the project by Halfslide Design.

Videos Shopping

Videos Shopping

Improved back-end usability

As well as providing CTE Skills with a website that is easier for their customers to use, we also made sure the back-end was just as well designed to allow them to easily maintain it. As a business, CTE want to spend more time on creating and marketing their videos and less time on website-related tasks.

The site now includes a much improved back-end admin area, meaning maintaining the site, adding blog posts, and of course adding new videos will be far simpler from now on.

The time saved due to this can then be reinvested in creating more videos, which CTE Skills is planning to do, and growing their business even further.

Until recently, all of their videos were on the front page of the old website, but the library has grown so much that this is no longer possible. This dedicated e-commerce site built by Halfslide Design enables them to add as many new videos as they can produce from now on, which is only going to benefit both the company and their customer base.

Creating websites with custom made features specific to each individual client is what Halfslide Design does best. If you’re looking for a web designer with the expertise to help you and your business in a similar way, contact us today at

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