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Building Twin Sites and a Bespoke WordPress Plugin

Building Twin Sites and a Bespoke WordPress Plugin

Fathers Rights .attorney site on mobile devices

Once upon a time, there were two aspects of website design that were desired by business site owners above all else:

  • a .com domain name
  • a website that functioned well and looked great on a monitor or laptop screen

.com has long been considered the industry standard, and is what people expect to see in a business web address. It looks official and authoritative in a way that .net or .org could never compete with. While regional variations such as, .ca or made sense for non-USA businesses too, .com has always been considered the holy grail for USA companies.

Until relatively recently too, the vast majority of visitors would have been … Read the rest

A website for 2bme – team building and much more

A website for 2bme – team building and much more

Halfslide Design was recently tasked with the creation of a website for2bme, a local startup here in Austin, Texas, whose aim is to provide ongoing, online leadership training and team building through type theory.  The site is

The website offers each user the chance to create a personalized profile, which serves as a hub for them to facilitate their personal development. This process begins with a quick 4-question personality quiz to determine their type, which is key to how the site will interact with them later.

As 2bme’s system requires daily interaction with the site, it had to be both easy and enjoyable to use, and actually provide more than just the stated aim. Customizable soft colors and … Read the rest


Toyflow is a new Canadian-based deal of the day site that sells toys and other children’s products to customers in the United States and Canada. The daily deal site has now been through two phases of development and has been in production selling products for the last month.  The site was designed with some very unique features in addition to the typical features you would see on a deal of the day site.

  • Since the deal of the day site sells its products to customers in the United States and Canada, there were some customizations that needed to happen to accomodate the diverse customer base.
  • The site is fully internationalized when it comes to language and can be configured to
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Sherry Ransom

Sherry Ransom

Visit Sherry Ransom

Halfslide Design was recently contracted to redesign the site for Austin-based author and inspirational speaker, Sherry Ransom. Sherry wanted a more modern and user-friendly design applied to her personal site. Her goal was also to make it easy for visitors to get in touch with her and hire her for speaking gigs viagra en vente france. Finally, she expressed that she wanted to be able to manage content herself and be able to publish articles on a regular basis without getting a web designer involved.

Halfslide Design built her site on the WordPress CMS platform.  This allows Sherry to manage the content on each page and article completely on her own.  In addition, Halfslide extended the … Read the rest