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Considerations for Building an E-commerce Site

Considerations for Building an E-commerce Site

We all know the rise and rise of e-commerce has changed the way we shop. People can now use their tablet to buy aspirin, book cinema tickets through their TV set, or order running shoes and low fat yoghurt without leaving their sofa.

If e-commerce has changed the way we buy, it has also changed the way we sell. Amazon is the behemoth, but e-commerce isn’t confined to established retailers.

Technically, anyone can do it.

Due to the relative ease in getting started, more and more ordinary people are exploring the possibility of establishing their own e-commerce site. There are, however, a few important issues to consider when setting up your first store.

Considering the following before contacting your designer … Read the rest

Easy Search Engine Optimization Technique: Blogging

Recently, several clients have reached out to me for guidance on how to increase traffic to their websites. Many of these clients have sites that are rich in media such as video or image collateral but they have not made much use of their text content. In other words, their sites look great, but the lack of text is punishing them when it comes to search engine optimization. One of the ways that we’ve found that will increase the search engine optimization is to incorporate a blog.

Blogs, when continuously updated, create a way for the client to create content that is relevant to their subject area and creates new search engine entry points to their site.  For example, one … Read the rest

Sherry Ransom

Sherry Ransom

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Halfslide Design was recently contracted to redesign the site for Austin-based author and inspirational speaker, Sherry Ransom. Sherry wanted a more modern and user-friendly design applied to her personal site. Her goal was also to make it easy for visitors to get in touch with her and hire her for speaking gigs viagra en vente france. Finally, she expressed that she wanted to be able to manage content herself and be able to publish articles on a regular basis without getting a web designer involved.

Halfslide Design built her site on the WordPress CMS platform.  This allows Sherry to manage the content on each page and article completely on her own.  In addition, Halfslide extended the … Read the rest

What I Tell My Web Design Clients about Search Engine Optimization

Before I get started, I want to point out that much of my thoughts in this post are based on a recent post by Derek Powazek on the evils of SEO. (Major props to him for fitting in the term “Faustian”!) He makes some excellent points in his post and I highly recommend you go read it when you get a chance.

The point of this post is to discuss some of the things that I tell my clients in the course of designing their website.  Inevitably, as any project moves towards a go-live, the client wants to talk about Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  This is natural, as any one who has spent their hard-earned money on a … Read the rest