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White Label Development on IBM Bluemix’s Watson Services

White Label Development on IBM Bluemix’s Watson Services

Halfslide Design recently completed another White Label development project for another development agency that utilized IBM Bluemix’s Watson services.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with white label services: white label services are when we at Halfslide Design do software development work for other creative or development agencies in order to supplement their workforce on projects.  It allows those agencies to staff projects without keeping full-time staff and all work is done under their brand.  In that case, we do not add the project to our Halfslide Design portfolio and do not publicly take any credit for the work.

In the case of this project, the client had an interesting requirement.  They wanted to capture video responses of survey … Read the rest

Personality Today – the 2bme Mobile App

Personality Today – the 2bme Mobile App

Personality Today – the 2bme App

Earlier in the year, Halfslide Design was tasked with creating the website for 2bme, a local Austin start-up who provide ongoing, online leadership training and team building through type theory.

The primary function of the site was for it to be a personal development facilitator, and it succeeded in this while also serving as a personal hub with enough features to be used throughout the working day.

For a full recap of just what benefits 2bme brings, feel free to revisit our previous blog post.

Take a personality test

While a fully functioning website is still the bedrock of any online business or service, and a responsive design for mobile devices crucial … Read the rest

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Bizzio – Commercial Real Estate Mobile App

Bizzio – Commercial Real Estate Mobile App

Halfslide Design recently complete version 2.0 of the mobile application version of the Bizzio commercial real estate project management service. The mobile application is a companion piece to the full web application that lets users manage their commercial real estate projects. From the mobile application, users can manage their projects, add deals, assign tasks, and leave comments on their projects.

New in version 2, we added the ability to upload photos from the user’s phone to their deals.  The user can elect to either take a new photo or upload an existing photo from their gallery.  This feature was requested by real estate professionals who wanted to photograph possible real estate sites and attach these photos to their deals while … Read the rest

Posted on November 6th, by Peter in Mobile Apps.