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Building the Membership Site for Austin’s First Dog Bar

Building the Membership Site for Austin’s First Dog Bar

For those of us who live in Austin, Texas, there’s never a shortage of choice when it comes to bars for our evenings out. With a vibrant music scene, diverse food options and an established craft beer culture, we can’t say we’re not well catered for.

However, while the people of Austin will always have somewhere to go, our four-legged friends are often not welcome. For dog owners who enjoy good food and drink yet hate to leave their furry friends home alone, this has always presented a problem.

Now, in the great entrepreneurial spirit we come to expect of our city, Yard Bar is providing a solution. Austin’s first dog bar, it has a menu stacked with all the … Read the rest

Considerations for Building an E-commerce Site

Considerations for Building an E-commerce Site

We all know the rise and rise of e-commerce has changed the way we shop. People can now use their tablet to buy aspirin, book cinema tickets through their TV set, or order running shoes and low fat yoghurt without leaving their sofa.

If e-commerce has changed the way we buy, it has also changed the way we sell. Amazon is the behemoth, but e-commerce isn’t confined to established retailers.

Technically, anyone can do it.

Due to the relative ease in getting started, more and more ordinary people are exploring the possibility of establishing their own e-commerce site. There are, however, a few important issues to consider when setting up your first store.

Considering the following before contacting your designer … Read the rest


Toyflow is a new Canadian-based deal of the day site that sells toys and other children’s products to customers in the United States and Canada. The daily deal site has now been through two phases of development and has been in production selling products for the last month.  The site was designed with some very unique features in addition to the typical features you would see on a deal of the day site.

  • Since the deal of the day site sells its products to customers in the United States and Canada, there were some customizations that needed to happen to accomodate the diverse customer base.
  • The site is fully internationalized when it comes to language and can be configured to
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Countshop Daily Deal

Countshop Daily Deal is an online retailer of fine watches with an international client base. The owners of Countshop contacted us at Halfslide Design about creating a daily deal store to complement their current e-commerce website.  Halfslide recently completed the work on the site and is happy to announce a successful launch.

The site is built with a goal of being easily reproduced in the various languages of the countries that Countshop seeks to market to.  Halfslide Design built the site fully internationalized so that it is easy for the client to swap out language files for customers in Sweden, Japan, Brazil, etc…  The site also features:

  • Configurable currencies to allow each site to sell products in the native currency of its
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Visit Shirtaday

For the last three weeks, I’ve been busy completing a total redesign of The site was originally created in early 2006 and was extremely simple at the time.  During the next three years, it progressively grew new features and each of these features were bolted on without keeping a consistent object model or design.  It turned into a maintenance nightmare.  Also, the design had several cross-browser issues with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 6.  It also looked poor at smaller screen resolutions.  These are just a few of the issues…I could go on forever about things that I hated about the site.

The goal of the new design was to resolve all of those issues mentioned … Read the rest

Things to think about when planning your e-commerce site

I often get requests for proposals from prospective clients regarding e-commerce or deal of the day sites. Many times these clients know that they want to create an online store but they haven’t really thought about the various requirements that they’ll have regarding how their site will be built. By sitting down and thinking through the various requirements or options they will need for their website, they can save themselves an immense amount of time and money when working with a designer. Below are just a few of the items for an e-commerce website that I generally work through with clients.

  1. Payment – How will the site accept payment?  There are a variety of options: Paypal, Google Checkout, or Credit
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