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True North Outlet

True North Outlet

True North Outlet is a relatively new deal of the day website that specializes in selling lacrosse equipment and clothing at discount prices viagra tarif france. The owners of True North approached us about doing a site due to our long history of producing full-featured deal of the day websites for clients in a broad range of industries.

The site involves most of your standard daily deal functionality such as the ability to create and update products and schedule them to run as daily deals.  When a visitor wishes to complete their checkout, they have the option to use Paypal to complete their purchase or submit their credit card directly to True North’s credit card merchant gateway.  Customers also … Read the rest


Toyflow is a new Canadian-based deal of the day site that sells toys and other children’s products to customers in the United States and Canada. The daily deal site has now been through two phases of development and has been in production selling products for the last month.  The site was designed with some very unique features in addition to the typical features you would see on a deal of the day site.

  • Since the deal of the day site sells its products to customers in the United States and Canada, there were some customizations that needed to happen to accomodate the diverse customer base.
  • The site is fully internationalized when it comes to language and can be configured to
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Countshop Daily Deal

Countshop Daily Deal is an online retailer of fine watches with an international client base. The owners of Countshop contacted us at Halfslide Design about creating a daily deal store to complement their current e-commerce website.  Halfslide recently completed the work on the site and is happy to announce a successful launch.

The site is built with a goal of being easily reproduced in the various languages of the countries that Countshop seeks to market to.  Halfslide Design built the site fully internationalized so that it is easy for the client to swap out language files for customers in Sweden, Japan, Brazil, etc…  The site also features:

  • Configurable currencies to allow each site to sell products in the native currency of its
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