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Personality Today – the 2bme Mobile App

Personality Today – the 2bme Mobile App

Personality Today – the 2bme App

Earlier in the year, Halfslide Design was tasked with creating the website for 2bme, a local Austin start-up who provide ongoing, online leadership training and team building through type theory.

The primary function of the site was for it to be a personal development facilitator, and it succeeded in this while also serving as a personal hub with enough features to be used throughout the working day.

For a full recap of just what benefits 2bme brings, feel free to revisit our previous blog post.

Personality Today Personality Test

Take a personality test

While a fully functioning website is still the bedrock of any online business or service, and a responsive design for mobile devices crucial too, more and more consumers are looking for a standalone app to download.

Both 2bme and Halfslide Design understand this, and so we set to work on producing what was to become Personality Today, the mobile app counterpart of the 2bme website.

Written in HTML5 using AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap for superior responsive mobile UI, the 2bme app allows the user to test themselves and their friends using the same personality quiz found on the main site and receive their profile, detailing which of the 16 personality types they are, straight to their mobile.

For continued usability, the quiz is different every time it is taken.

From these results, the app will provide personality briefs at least once every week tailored to the personality of the user. These will be related to popular culture and society, and will help bring a steady stream of stimulation and interesting, useful content for the consumption of the user.

Get a customized personality profile

Get a customized personality profile

Available on both iTunes and Google Play, anyone downloading the app will be allowed the first 30 days as a fee trial, although the 2bme program does require a monthly subscription. With customer convenience and peace of mind both paramount for the developers, users are able to manage their future payments through the app, with all transactions being processed through the secure Stripe payment system.

Further usability is provided with the ability for Personality Today to be hooked into the customer’s WordPress site, allowing content to be pulled and edited in the app. A useful feature, this will save time and effort down the line by eliminated the need for new changes to be pushed through the app review process each and every time.

Personality Today is just the latest app that Halfslide Design has built on the AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap platforms to allow superior responsive mobile performance, giving the customer the best user experience available, and ensuring they will want to continue using the app.

If you’re looking for a developer with expert knowledge of AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap to help you create an app of your own, get in touch with us at Halfslide Design today.

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