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Frugal Grape

Frugal Grape

Frugal Grape is a daily deal site focusing on selling bundles of wine for steep discounts.  The site is built using the codeigniter framework and is currently finishing up development while the client acquires their liquor license.  The client at Frugal Grape approached Halfslide Design due to our established history of successful deal-of-the-day sites and we were happy to be a part of the project.  Due to the fact that the site is selling wine, there are a few interesting features that were required:

  1. Legally, wine can only be shipped to certain states within the United States.  Due to this, we had to design the registration and purchase process to prevent customers from entering a shipping address that is inside of a state that doesn’t allow wine shipments.
  2. It is prohibited to advertise alcohol to minors, so Frugal Grape is built with a prompt asking for the visitors age before they are allowed into the site.  If a visitor is under 21, they are blocked from the site.

Frugal Grape was also designed to allow customers to sign up for a customized daily e-mail notification when new wine deals are available.  This is accomplished by allowing the customer to fill out a short questionnaire when they create their account that lets them select the wines, grapes, countries, or wine producers that they like and want to be notified of.  The site then collects this information and will only send the customer a notification when a daily deal is released that matches their criteria.  This allows the customer to only receive email notifications for wines that they are truly interested in.

Frugal Grape is now another successful example of Halfslide Design’s e-commerce website design capabilities.  Visit the site yourself and let us know what you think of it.

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