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Redesigning the Walton & Johnson Radio Show App

Redesigning the Walton & Johnson Radio Show App

W&J MainAs an Austin, Texas-based website and app developer, nothing makes us happier than working with and helping other local businesses and organizations.

This was especially true when we were hired to redesign the mobile app for the acclaimed local radio show Walton & Johnson.

For the uninitiated, the Walton & Johnson Show is a morning broadcast listened to by millions of loyal fans who tune in for the unique mix of opinionated and compelling talk, skits, characters, impersonations, guests, and stream of consciousness segments.

The pair have won numerous awards since teaming up in 1983, and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

With so many people either listening live or catching up with previous shows in their own time, the Walton & Johnson Show needs a solid mobile app.

While there has been one on the market for a while, it was in need of a revamp by Halfslide Design – for the benefit of both the user and the team behind the show.

W&J Listening

Features for the user

The first thing users of the previous app will notice about this updated version is the cleaner, easier to navigate layout.

Featuring large images, bold icons, and clear menu items, it’s as pleasing on the eye as it is intuitive to use.

Walton & Johnson’s regularity in producing new shows is a major strength in keeping the loyal fan base engaged and coming back for more.

To ensure they never miss an episode, the app can be set to send out a push notification every time a new show is available.

And although the team do produce a new show every weekday, there remains the ever-expanding back catalog of episodes for new fans to discover and old fans to relive.

To allow them to do this too, the ability to access past shows is also featured in the app.

An About Us page has also been added to allow new fans to learn about Walton & Johnson without leaving the app.

W&J MenuBackend features

Good app development needs to benefit the people behind the app as well as the users.

To that end, further backend features have been added that will allow the Walton & Johnson team to monetize the app and give analytic data to help them understand how the app is being used.

The monetization comes in the form of Google’s AdMob service. This addition sees small, unobtrusive contextual adverts placed at the bottom of the screen when the app is in use.

AdMob can also be used to cross-sell the app owner’s other products and services, helping to bring further success to their overall ventures.

The app analytics service has also been installed on the Walton & Johnson Show app.W&J About Us

Although AdMob comes with its own analytics available, will help the team assess and plan their future strategies for the app, understand how and when their listeners use it, and help identify and iron out any issues that people may be having.

Since Walton & Johnson started back in 1983, the way radio content is consumed has changed completely.

Audiences listen to new shows at their convenience and expect the back catalog to be readily available.

The revamped app allows the 10%ers, as Walton & Johnson’s fans are affectionately known, to do exactly this, and for the team to understand and constantly adapt to their behavior for continued success.

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