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True North Outlet

True North Outlet

True North Outlet is a relatively new deal of the day website that specializes in selling lacrosse equipment and clothing at discount prices viagra tarif france. The owners of True North approached us about doing a site due to our long history of producing full-featured deal of the day websites for clients in a broad range of industries.

The site involves most of your standard daily deal functionality such as the ability to create and update products and schedule them to run as daily deals.  When a visitor wishes to complete their checkout, they have the option to use Paypal to complete their purchase or submit their credit card directly to True North’s credit card merchant gateway.  Customers also have the ability to create an account to track their purchases and save their billing/shipping information for future purchases.

Some of the unique features about the site deal with social networking.  Each day, when the daily deal is released, the site automatically sends an announcement to several social networks.  For any user who subscribes to the daily deal newsletter, and email is automatically sent to them with the details of the deal.  In addition, True North’s Twitter account is updated with the daily deal as well as their Facebook Page.  All of these updates happen automatically so there is no need for any staff of True North to manually do any updating of their social networks unless they want to.

One last unique feature about their site is that they have the ability to automate all of their fulfillment through UPS WorldShip software.  Orders are exported from the site into a format that the UPS WorldShip software can understand.  The Worldship program prints the order shipping labels and then kicks out a file that can be imported into the site to assign tracking numbers to all of the orders.

If you are in the market for some lacrosse equipment, please visit True North Outlet.  And if you are interested in having a daily deal website created, please contact us through our contact page.

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