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Storage Strategies Now

Storage Strategies Now

Storage Strategies Now, an Austin, Texas based storage analyst CALLOS” firm, recently requested Halfslide Design perform a renovation of their website The stated goal behind the redesign was to both provide cheap jerseys sample content to those who are new to their service as well as provide a protected area for content that requires a subscription to cheap jerseys access. The client also wanted to improve their search Hubert engine optimization by providing more content targeted around their service in html format rather than in pdf or doc attachments.

Halfslide Design redesigned the site to run on a customized WordPress platform similar to what the Halfslide Design site currently runs on.  We had to make several changes based on some specific business logic.  First, we had to update the customer registration process.  On SSG-Now, users who register get access to the full site the first time they visit.  Once their visit ends, their account is disabled and can only be reactivated cheap nba jerseys after working out a subscription membership with SSG-Now.  This allows users wholesale mlb jerseys to get an in-depth look at the content published by SSG-Now before they subscribe.  Halfslide Design modified the customer registration process so wholesale jerseys that all users were a set as inactive after their session ended and also built-in functionality for SSG-Now to update customer accounts once a subscription had been initiated.

In addition, Halfslide Design reorganized the site so that all content published by SSG-Now that was public would be easily indexed by search engines.  Sitemaps of the site are automatically updated daily so that search engines are always aware of new content within 24 hours of it being published.  This has resulted in a dramatic increase in visits to the SSG-Now site since launch.

Finally, one last requirement from the client was that they be able to manage and update the site themselves.  In the past, the client was providing new content to Halfslide Design that we would then post to the site.  The client is now able to manage all site content, pages, links, and pages themselves.

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