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Patrick D. West Law Firm

Patrick D. West Law Firm

Patrick D. West Law Firm wholesale mlb jerseys is a Dallas/Fort Worth metro area law firm that specializes in bankruptcy and tax litigation for small businesses and individuals. The firm recently came to us to have a complete renovation of Wintering their site as well as hosting on Halfslide’s Privacy dedicated servers.  Their previous site had a dated layout and wanted to take advantage cheap jerseys from China of new design techniquest that could improve their search engine rankings.  We delivered グリーンリモデルフェアー2013in福岡(8月2日、3日)ご来場御礼 a wholesale nba jerseys new layout to their site as well as optimized content completed by our project managing partner, Renee cheap mlb jerseys Harrington.

The Websites new site incorporates a wordpress blog so that the firm can frequently post interesting articles and how-tos on bankruptcy related topics.  Halfslide created a custom wholesale jerseys template to incorporate the blog into the new Now site so that navigation between the blog and the rest of the site would be seamless.  See for yourself the new look of Patrick D. West Law Firm here.

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