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I Choose Golf

I Choose Golf

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iChooseGolf is an exciting new fantasy golf site that seeks to provides a unique fantasy team experience to its users. The basic idea behind iChooseGolf is that a user can create a fantasy golf league, invite his or her friends to join that league by creating their own teams, and then compete against them in weekly matchups. Each team in the league can build a list of PGA golfers through a draft, trades, or free-agent signings.  The team then receives a score based on how that team’s players perform in the weekly PGA tournaments.  A team is matched up with another team from their league once a week and the winner is the team with the highest score.  At the end of the season, the team who has the most victories over other league teams is the winner.

Those who have participated in other fantasy games (such as fantasy basketball or fantasy football) will find much of this familiar.  What sets iChooseGolf apart is the fact that the commissioner has full control over how the league is managed.  Each league’s schedule, score format, matchup format, and draft are all totally configurable and allows the league to find the exact format that is perfect for them.  The league truly has a powerful set of options for completely customizing the entire fantasy experience.

In addition, iChooseGolf has two different types of matchups:  ICG format and Gridiron.  The ICG format is completely unique and allows the league to score each round of a tournament in a different way.  They can setup “Best Ball” for round 1, “Worst Ball” for round 2, etc…  So each week, the scoring can be different, leading to a much richer experience for those who appreciate the strategy behind fantasy sports.

Halfslide Design was able to partner with Magdesign on the implementation of this new site.  Magdesign developed the really excellent layout and graphical elements that you see on the site as well as worked with iChooseGolf’s creator to flesh out the site’s vision.  Halfslide Design was responsible for implementing all of the business logic and UI architecture.  It has been a truly excellent partnership.

Mike at iChooseGolf is the client that every developer dreams about indian viagra 100mg.  All through the project, he clearly communicated his vision in a way that I found refreshing and easy to work with.  I’d gladly work with Mike again any day.

iChooseGolf has just gone into beta so feel free to go over, sign up, create a fantasy golf team or fantasy golf league, and give us your feedback.  You can participate by creating your own league, joining an existing league, or participating in one of their public solo leagues.

Visit iChooseGolf


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