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Review of Mediastar WordPress Portfolio Theme

Review of Mediastar WordPress Portfolio Theme

We recently wrapped up development with SETX Digital on a website for a custom furniture builder in Southeast Texas using the Mediastar Portfolio WordPress theme and wanted to give a quick review of the theme and how we liked working with it. The theme has a lot of great features that allowed us to customize it and get the site up and looking great pretty quickly. However, our takeaway from the entire project is that there is a lot of features that are missing that would make the theme really powerful.

Most of the things that we didn’t like about this theme are things that would have been “nice-to-have” and didn’t make the them hard to work with for the … Read the rest

Review of Adobe Creative Cloud – It’s the Worst

Review of Adobe Creative Cloud – It’s the Worst

Recently I decided to signup for the adobe creative cloud monthly subscription plan available from Adobe at  I have older versions (CS3) of Photoshop and Dreamweaver and wanted to try getting the latest copies of each on my system.  Also thought it was a nice deal as it would allow me to have a full version of Acrobat and I could play with Illustrator in case I ever had clients send me AI files that I needed to work with.

So in theory, it was a pretty good deal…$50 monthly for three/four solid adobe products, two of which I use on a daily basis.  In practice, it turned out to be a pretty bad deal due to the … Read the rest

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Easy Search Engine Optimization Technique: Blogging

Recently, several clients have reached out to me for guidance on how to increase traffic to their websites. Many of these clients have sites that are rich in media such as video or image collateral but they have not made much use of their text content. In other words, their sites look great, but the lack of text is punishing them when it comes to search engine optimization. One of the ways that we’ve found that will increase the search engine optimization is to incorporate a blog.

Blogs, when continuously updated, create a way for the client to create content that is relevant to their subject area and creates new search engine entry points to their site.  For example, one … Read the rest

Review: Godaddy Dedicated Server Disaster Recovery

Review: Godaddy Dedicated Server Disaster Recovery

We had an issue this weekend with one of our high utilization servers at GoDaddy dropping dead. We’ve still not been completely briefed on what happened, but the end result was that our server was dead and we had to rebuild it from scratch. I learned a lot about what to expect from Godaddy’s disaster recovery process in the meantime and thought I’d share my experience.

The first thing that stuck out to me was that there was no notification that the server was dead.  My partner actually discovered that there was a problem when she couldn’t access one of the sites on that server.  She immediately called GoDaddy who then informed us that the server was dead.  Maybe I … Read the rest

What I Tell My Web Design Clients about Search Engine Optimization

Before I get started, I want to point out that much of my thoughts in this post are based on a recent post by Derek Powazek on the evils of SEO. (Major props to him for fitting in the term “Faustian”!) He makes some excellent points in his post and I highly recommend you go read it when you get a chance.

The point of this post is to discuss some of the things that I tell my clients in the course of designing their website.  Inevitably, as any project moves towards a go-live, the client wants to talk about Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  This is natural, as any one who has spent their hard-earned money on a … Read the rest

Things to think about when planning your e-commerce site

I often get requests for proposals from prospective clients regarding e-commerce or deal of the day sites. Many times these clients know that they want to create an online store but they haven’t really thought about the various requirements that they’ll have regarding how their site will be built. By sitting down and thinking through the various requirements or options they will need for their website, they can save themselves an immense amount of time and money when working with a designer. Below are just a few of the items for an e-commerce website that I generally work through with clients.

  1. Payment – How will the site accept payment?  There are a variety of options: Paypal, Google Checkout, or Credit
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Daily Deal Websites

Now that I’ve completed work on two successful “Deal of the Day” sites, I receive a Storage lot of questions about them. This post is for those out there who are weighing the possibility of building their own daily deal site. In my opinion, daily deal sites are beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Google loves daily deal sites. From all of the reading and work I’ve done with Search Engine Optimization I’ve seen how having dynamic content helps your page rank. Google is not going to rank your site high in their listings if you haven’t changed your site in weeks. So Make having a new deal every day creates dynamic content and boosts your page rank.
  2. A daily deal
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