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Building Twin Sites and a Bespoke WordPress Plugin

Building Twin Sites and a Bespoke WordPress Plugin
Fathers Rights .attorney site on mobile devices

Fathers Rights .attorney site on mobile devices

Once upon a time, there were two aspects of website design that were desired by business site owners above all else:

  • a .com domain name
  • a website that functioned well and looked great on a monitor or laptop screen

.com has long been considered the industry standard, and is what people expect to see in a business web address. It looks official and authoritative in a way that .net or .org could never compete with. While regional variations such as, .ca or made sense for non-USA businesses too, .com has always been considered the holy grail for USA companies.

Until relatively recently too, the vast majority of visitors would have been viewing the site on a big screen; probably a desktop monitor or a laptop screen.

Times are changing though, and with the rapid rise of mobile web browsing, it’s now essential for a website to be both mobile-friendly and responsive.

Generic top level domains

Another stage in the evolution of the online world has recently been initiated in the form of the generic top level domain (gTLD).

Generic top level domains allow web addresses to use a word relevant to the content of the site in lieu of a .com, .net or .org. Common examples include .guru, .club, .tips, and .today.

There are a number of benefits to choosing a gTLD for your website; standing out from the crowd, giving a better idea of the content of your site, localizing your business (.nyc, for example), building trust (who wouldn’t want to read what a .guru has to say?), or to be found by more targeted searches.

Did you know it’s possible to narrow your Google search to only show results of a certain domain type, such as .org, .edu, .expert, or even .attorney? People who are looking for your type of business may be doing exactly this.

Utilising gTLD in twin websites for a client

Halfslide Design was recently contracted to help a local Texas attorney build a new web platform to replace their existing, non-responsive WordPress site that had become outdated in this modern web era.

In line with the client’s wishes, this didn’t mean simply building one new mobile-friendly, responsive website. The job required the building of both and – two sites of very similar layout that help the client to capture more leads for potential new clients of their own.

Of course, they are both mobile-friendly and responsive, and change to fit the screen of any device big or small, as is now standard.

Fathers Rights .com site on mobile

Fathers Rights .com site on mobile

Custom built websites and plugin

As we have spoken about before, one of the benefits of a responsive website is eliminating the need to maintain two separate websites. With the two versions of the client’s site being separate entities though, there needed to be a way for one to automatically pull freshly uploaded content from the other, keeping the behind the scenes workload to a minimum.

To achieve this, Halfslide Design also set about building a custom WordPress plugin that pulls content from the .com site and duplicates it onto the .attorney version of the site. It works seamlessly, and makes maintaining the two sites almost like maintaining only one.

Of course, as WordPress itself changes and evolves, plugins do need to be updated from time to time to ensure they are still compatible with the platform, and we will be monitoring the plugin created for this project to ensure it always works as designed, with any necessary updates undertaken along the way.

The client is more than happy with the work done for their site, and has had no hesitation in requesting a similar project for their divorce attorney services too.

Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) are the next stage in the evolution of the online marketplace. Don’t get left behind. Contact Halfslide Design today to see how we can help you integrate this new development into your online presence.


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