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Building the Membership Site for Austin’s First Dog Bar

Building the Membership Site for Austin’s First Dog Bar

For those of us who live in Austin, Texas, there’s never a shortage of choice when it comes to bars for our evenings out. With a vibrant music scene, diverse food options and an established craft beer culture, we can’t say we’re not well catered for.

However, while the people of Austin will always have somewhere to go, our four-legged friends are often not welcome. For dog owners who enjoy good food and drink yet hate to leave their furry friends home alone, this has always presented a problem.

Now, in the great entrepreneurial spirit we come to expect of our city, Yard Bar is providing a solution. Austin’s first dog bar, it has a menu stacked with all the snacks, meals, beer, wine and cocktail options you’d expect. What sets it aside from every other bar in Austin is its prioritizing of dogs over people.

Featuring a large area for dogs to run free and play together, Yard Bar needs to be a safe environment for all concerned. To ensure this happens, a membership system needs to be in place. And to keep this side of the business running smoothly, a platform to easily process and keep track of these memberships needed building.

Halfslide Design was tasked with this; the result was the Yard Bar Memberships and Park Passes website.

Yard Bar Create AccountYard Bar’s Membership Site

As Yard Bar requires people to become a member before they and their dogs enter the premises, a registration desk exists at the entry desk. This is staffed by administrators with access to the Yard Bar Memberships and Park Passes site, who use it to quickly and securely create accounts and process payments.

To make this as easy as possible, customers can simply swipe their credit cards and enter their details into the system. On top of paying for their membership and park pass at this point, the site also uses a secure payment gateway that provides a vault for recurring payments.

Bringing a higher level of convenience to the customer, this means once the details have been entered, any future payments can be quickly made without the need for further card swipes or cash.

Convenience for Yard Bar’s Management

While the convenience of the platform contributes to the members’ enjoyment and continued patronage of Yard Bar, it also helps the management with their analytics behind the scenes.

With transactions taking place online, records are automatically kept. This helps Yard Bar’s management to track the financial trends that affect their business.

What are the most popular membership options being taken up? How many members are visiting, at what times of the day, and how much extra are they spending once inside? What are the most popular menu items? What can be improved on?

It also gives detailed information on the preferences of each member. On what days of the week do they visit? What do they typically purchase once inside? All of this information can then be used to tailor marketing directly to the individual.

While Yard Bar is here to provide a great service to the people and dogs of Austin, it also needs to continue to be a success on the business side of things.

Providing the convenience to keep the patrons happy at the front end while giving the information needed for the management to improve their operations at the back end, the Memberships and Park Passes site is already proving to be an invaluable tool.

It was a pleasure to be involved in helping Yard Bar in their mission to provide somewhere for Austin’s dogs and their owners to socialize together. If you’re looking for a developer to help build platforms your own business, please contact us at Halfslide Design today.


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