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Simple PHP Function to Remove Invalid Characters from a String

I’ve run into situations where I’ve installed content management systems for customers who like to add their own content and/or copy content from documents they’ve created. Often, this results in them copying non-ASCII characters such as smart quotes, elipsis, or em dashses. I’m not sure why (maybe someone can educate me by posting a comment below) that PHP can’t handle these characters, but I’ve come up with a way to replace these characters with characters or character sequences that PHP understands. The function is below.

function cleanString($string) {
$find[] = ‘“’;  // left side double smart quote
$find[] = ‘”’;  // right side double smart quote
$find[] = “‘”;  // left side single smart quote
$find[] = “’”;  // right

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Posted on September 29th, by Peter in Tutorials.

Things to think about when planning your e-commerce site

I often get requests for proposals from prospective clients regarding e-commerce or deal of the day sites. Many times these clients know that they want to create an online store but they haven’t really thought about the various requirements that they’ll have regarding how their site will be built. By sitting down and thinking through the various requirements or options they will need for their website, they can save themselves an immense amount of time and money when working with a designer. Below are just a few of the items for an e-commerce website that I generally work through with clients.

  1. Payment – How will the site accept payment?  There are a variety of options: Paypal, Google Checkout, or Credit
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Posted on September 19th, by Peter in Recommendations.

Simple Image Slideshow with jQuery and jQuery Cycle Plugin

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I recently completed a website design project for a local austin company that involved creating a simple klart image slideshow on the login page of their application. These types of slideshows have traditionally been done using an animation toolkit or framework such as Adobe’s Flash product. Starting around three years ago, I was introduced to which provided the ability to use effects with DOM elements to provide cool animations.

Just within the last year, I’ve started working more with jQuery and have been introduced to the slew of extremely cool plugins.  The newest one I’ve come across is jQuery Cycle.  Using this plugin and 9 … Read the rest

Posted on September 16th, by Peter in Tutorials.

Daily Deal Websites

Now that I’ve completed work on two successful “Deal of the Day” sites, I receive a Storage lot of questions about them. This post is for those out there who are weighing the possibility of building their own daily deal site. In my opinion, daily deal sites are beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Google loves daily deal sites. From all of the reading and work I’ve done with Search Engine Optimization I’ve seen how having dynamic content helps your page rank. Google is not going to rank your site high in their listings if you haven’t changed your site in weeks. So Make having a new deal every day creates dynamic content and boosts your page rank.
  2. A daily deal
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