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White Label Software Development from Halfslide Design

One of the core services provided by Halfslide Design is white label software development, a service that may be unfamiliar to those new to the web development industry. The possible lack of public awareness is true of white label services in any industry where they are available, such is the nature of them. The whole idea is exactly that; that the public are not aware the process has even happened behind the scenes.

It all sounds very secretive. So why don’t we lift the lid and see what it’s all about?

What is?

White labelling, in a nutshell, is the name given to the process where a product is manufactured and supplied to a retailer with no branding, which then … Read the rest

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Is Your Website Suitable For Mobile Devices?

Responsive video player adjusts to any size.

I’m going to open this post with a series of simple questions.

On what device are you reading this, right now?

If you’re reading it on a mobile device like a tablet or a smartphone, has the website changed to fit the screen? Of course, I know that it has. It’s a responsive website, which means it automatically adjusts its layout to suit whatever screen it is being displayed on.

Now, think about your own website. How old is it? More importantly, in its current state, does it predate tablets and smartphones? If it does, then it may not be responsive. It may be time for a refurbishment.

As the number of people … Read the rest

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A website for 2bme – team building and much more

Halfslide Design was recently tasked with the creation of a website for2bme, a local startup here in Austin, Texas, whose aim is to provide ongoing, online leadership training and team building through type theory.  The site is

The website offers each user the chance to create a personalized profile, which serves as a hub for them to facilitate their personal development. This process begins with a quick 4-question personality quiz to determine their type, which is key to how the site will interact with them later.

As 2bme’s system requires daily interaction with the site, it had to be both easy and enjoyable to use, and actually provide more than just the stated aim. Customizable soft colors and … Read the rest

PageMill Marketing

Halfslide Design recently partnered with Chris Magdelain at MagDesign to build a new wordpress site for PageMill Marketing. PageMill Marketing is a marketing services and data analytics firm that specializes in helping B2B companies grow their market share. MagDesign completed the design of the site and passed it off to Halfslide Design for implementation. The site uses a custom wordpress theme that is responsive to mobile and tablet layouts. It also includes custom functionality to allow the client to fully control all aspects of the site.

Head over the PageMill and check out the site as well as their services.  We hope to partner with PageMill on future projects as well.… Read the rest

Review of Mediastar WordPress Portfolio Theme

We recently wrapped up development with SETX Digital on a website for a custom furniture builder in Southeast Texas using the Mediastar Portfolio WordPress theme and wanted to give a quick review of the theme and how we liked working with it. The theme has a lot of great features that allowed us to customize it and get the site up and looking great pretty quickly. However, our takeaway from the entire project is that there is a lot of features that are missing that would make the theme really powerful.

Most of the things that we didn’t like about this theme are things that would have been “nice-to-have” and didn’t make the them hard to work with for the … Read the rest

Bizzio is now on Google Play

We recently completed the mobile application for Bizzio and pushed it out to Google Play. The application allows mobile users to see their projects, download files, update their account, create and update tasks, and add/review comments. Future features planned currently are the ability to take pictures and upload files to your projects/deals.

The application was written using the Sencha Touch 2 library and was cross-compiled with Phonegap.  The application has been submitted to Apple and is currently pending review before they allow it to be distributed through the iTunes App Store.

You can snag the application for free from the following link: Bizzio Mobile on Google PlayRead the rest

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