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Passing Date Values to Drupal’s REST Service Views

We had a situation recently with a Drupal installation that we have been working on.  We were building a REST service on a Drupal installation using the Drupal Service Views module.  We built a view that allows an AngularJS client to perform listing and searching on a Drupal installation that contains inventory objects.  The client in this case is building a site that will allow their sales people the ability to review inventory that is available for sale

Everything was going great with the filtering until we got to the piece where a sales person can filter all inventory based on a date that the item was made available.  In our service view, we had created a filter on the … Read the rest

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Helping a Local Charity to Help the Homeless

Mobile Loaves & Fishes is a local charity here in Austin, Texas, that is working to help the city’s homeless population by developing a series of schemes that bring sustainable, long term changes to their lives in ways that simple hand outs never can.

From the humble beginnings of having one minivan delivering meals to whichever men and women they happened to find on the streets, the charity has grown to now include several ongoing projects that form one whole, bigger picture, with the emphasis on building both a community and a future for Austin’s homeless.

Mobile Loaves & Fishes Projects

Map for tracking daily food deliveries

The list of current projects includes the following:

Community First! – a 27-acre … Read the rest

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Updating and Upgrading CTE Skills’ Training Video Website

CTE Skills is a Texas-based operation that has been creating and marketing Career & Technical Education training videos for over a decade now, and in that time have seen both their business and video library expand in a way they could never have predicted when they first set out.

In much the same way that a bricks and mortar business may outgrow their premises, CTE Skills recognized the fact that they had outgrown their old website, and so recently approached our partner, SETX Digital, with the request to update and upgrade their platform.  Halfslide Design was brought in to do the implementation of the site while SETX Digital provided marketing and project management services.

As with any successful enterprise, … Read the rest

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Building Twin Sites and a Bespoke WordPress Plugin

Fathers Rights .attorney site on mobile devices

Once upon a time, there were two aspects of website design that were desired by business site owners above all else:

  • a .com domain name
  • a website that functioned well and looked great on a monitor or laptop screen

.com has long been considered the industry standard, and is what people expect to see in a business web address. It looks official and authoritative in a way that .net or .org could never compete with. While regional variations such as, .ca or made sense for non-USA businesses too, .com has always been considered the holy grail for USA companies.

Until relatively recently too, the vast majority of visitors would have been … Read the rest

Personality Today – the 2bme Mobile App

Personality Today – the 2bme App

Earlier in the year, Halfslide Design was tasked with creating the website for 2bme, a local Austin start-up who provide ongoing, online leadership training and team building through type theory.

The primary function of the site was for it to be a personal development facilitator, and it succeeded in this while also serving as a personal hub with enough features to be used throughout the working day.

For a full recap of just what benefits 2bme brings, feel free to revisit our previous blog post.

Take a personality test

While a fully functioning website is still the bedrock of any online business or service, and a responsive design for mobile devices crucial … Read the rest

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Considerations for Building an E-commerce Site

We all know the rise and rise of e-commerce has changed the way we shop. People can now use their tablet to buy aspirin, book cinema tickets through their TV set, or order running shoes and low fat yoghurt without leaving their sofa.

If e-commerce has changed the way we buy, it has also changed the way we sell. Amazon is the behemoth, but e-commerce isn’t confined to established retailers.

Technically, anyone can do it.

Due to the relative ease in getting started, more and more ordinary people are exploring the possibility of establishing their own e-commerce site. There are, however, a few important issues to consider when setting up your first store.

Considering the following before contacting your designer … Read the rest