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Halfslide Design recently completed a project for Bizzio, Inc prendre viagra. Bizzio is a project management Saas (Software as a Service) application that specifically targets individuals in the commercial real estate sector. We built an online application at, a mobile website at, as well as an iPhone IOS application and Android application.

The purpose of Bizzio is to manage projects.  It’s full configurable to manage any kind of project.  In fact, we use Bizzio with the client to manage enhancements and bugs for the site itself.  The site has a few of the following features that we think provide a lot of use to Bizzio users:

  • Automatic Monthly billing through Stripe that provides a 45-day free trial and then bills the customer monthly depending on what pricing plan they’ve chosen.
  • The ability to drag and drop files onto their projects in order to upload them and share them with individuals linked to their project.
  • The ability to invite others to participate on a project and share files, assign tasks, and make comments on each project.
  • Users can fully customize the fields or properties for each project.  For example, a user can setup a date field for a property like “Due Date”, a currency field for a property such as “Price”, or a Yes/No field for a property like “Contacted the prospective owner?”.
  • Users can email files/comments attached to a project to anyone whether they are a member of the project or not.
  • Users can add comments to the project by replying to emails sent from other project users and those comments will automatically be attached to the project and emailed out to other users.

Bizzio Mobile Website

Bizzio has a mobile version of their site that is built on Sencha Touch 2.2.  The mobile site is a scaled-down version of the desktop site that provides most of the features in a light-weight format that fits on the smaller screen of a mobile browser.  The mobile site is fully compatible with most popular mobile phones such as Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Apple iPhone.

Mobile Applications

The mobile version of the website has been converted into a mobile application for both Android and iPhone apps.  While the iPhone application is not yet available in the Apple App Store, the Android version is available on Google Play here


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