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A website for 2bme – team building and much more

A website for 2bme – team building and much more

Halfslide Design was recently tasked with the creation of a website for2bme, a local startup here in Austin, Texas, whose aim is to provide ongoing, online leadership training and team building through type theory.  The site is

The website offers each user the chance to create a personalized profile, which serves as a hub for them to facilitate their personal development. This process begins with a quick 4-question personality quiz to determine their type, which is key to how the site will interact with them later.

As 2bme’s system requires daily interaction with the site, it had to be both easy and enjoyable to use, and actually provide more than just the stated aim. Customizable soft colors and the simple yet bold imagery requested by the client help to keep things easy on the eye, but the potentially off-putting prospect of users having to create yet another standalone online profile remained. To counter this, several features were implemented to bring many of their existing profiles and tools to 2bme, so extending the simple personal development hub into something with far more usability.

2bme Personality Test

2bme Personality Test

The first sign of this functionality comes at the very beginning, as the user is given the option to sign up and login through their Facebook account. Choosing to do so means a few later options, such as gender, are automatically decided.

Facebook isn’t the only social network than can be linked to 2bme. The options are also there for LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr, with updates from each appearing on one screen, eliminating the need to keep going from site to site, or app to app. This functionality isn’t a one way street either, as users are able to send out emails and tweets from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Gmail, and Basecamp too.

Users wishing to keep up with the latest news can even connect to Buzzfeed, Google News, The Atlantic, Forbes and The New York Times, with the site pulling stories via RSS.

Not forgetting that 2bme is primarily designed to be used while at work, the site also has the ability to pull files, calendar entries, and updates from linked Basecamp, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Evernote profiles.

Screenshot (3)

Customizable Dashboard offering access to several different news, social, and work feeds.

Each API connection was custom built by Halfslide Design to match the client’s needs, and information is pulled through OAUTH2 protocols, keeping passwords and usernames private to ensure a higher level of security for users.

Bringing together social media profiles, news sites and work tools, Halfslide Design were able to create a powerful, timesaving site that collates much of what most people will want to keep abreast of during the working day in one handy place while providing also the personal development system that was the main aim all along.


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